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2012 State of Conservatives

US Presidential Election Map 2008 
Democrat: Blue     
    Republican: Red




US Governor's 2012
    Democrat's    20
    Republican's    29

    Independents    1


US Senate 2012
    Democrat's    51
    Republican's    47

    Independents    2

US House 2012
    Democrat's     193
    Republican's    242

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5. Do you believe that the Constitution should be interpreted as the foundering fathers intended?

6. Do you believe that we are over taxed and over regulated?

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Nationalization is Not Healthcare Reform
Nationalizing health care is not the reform America needs. 
Americans are looking for health care reform that provides affordability, accessibility, portability, and quality. Long ago before healthcare became a "right"  to be provided for "free", healthcare insurance was purchased by family's to 
insure their assets against an expensive illness that would bankrupt them. Today as Obama and the liberal democrats push for a government take over of the healthcare system we must ask ourselves - can we afford it.  The answer is NO!!  Obama and the liberal democrats goal is to create a government option that will compete with and destroy private healthcare insurers. Once the government destroys the private healthcare insurance businesses, we will be left with a government run socialized healthcare system.  With socialized healthcare, costs will skyrocket and the government will do what it has always done: use its power to ration services and increase taxes.  Rationing means the government will be able to regulate every aspect of your life.  Rationing also means senior citizens may be denied life saving care because the procedure may be deemed too costly. Although our current healthcare system is not perfect, it is the best in the world.  The last thing we need is to let a power hungry government destroy it for a socialized system that results  in higher taxes and inferior medical care
for the American people. We need your support.  Let's make sure Congress and the President do not pass a bill that results in a government take over of our healthcare system.   

Cap & Trade Will Destroy the Energy Industry
The debate is not over - regardless of what Al Gore would like us to believe.  Science is not based on the consensus reached by a few.  Whether the globe is warming and whether it is caused by humans is very much in question. Obviously the globe has warmed compared to the temperatures during the ice ages. However, it is unclear whether humans are contributing to the warming.  With an unclear understanding of whether there is warming that is caused by humans, why would we implement policies that would destroy our energy industry.  Unfortunately, this is what Obama and the liberal democrats are trying to do.  Cap and Trade is an approach that seeks to control carbon emmissions by capping the amount of carbon that can be emitted.  If a business exceeds their cap, they will be required to purchase credits from another business that has emitted less then their allowed cap.  This spring the Democratic-controlled House narrowly passed sweeping legislation that calls for the nation's first limits on pollution linked to global warming.  Although the House has passed the bill, the Senate has yet to debate and vote on it.  The cap and trade bill will destroy jobs in the midst of a recession while burdening consumers with a new tax in the form of higher energy costs.  We need your support.  Let's make sure that Congress and the President does not pass a cap and trade bill that will cripple our energy industry and increase our energy costs. 

Obama’s Economic Spending 
The spending by President Obama is out of control and likely to bankrupt our country. We need to voice our opinions and make sure that Congress and the President know that we want fiscal responsibility.  No more spending bills that don't stimulate, no more bailouts for irresponsible businesses, and no more sky high budgets that seek to increase entitlements.  During this economic crisis we need a plan that provides real stimulus in the form of tax rate cuts.  We need your support.  Let's make sure that Congress and the President only pass legislation that stimulates not decimates our economy. 

The 50 State Plan
Our goal is to build a nationwide network of conservative members that actively promote conservatism in government, media, education, and society. We need your support.  Sign up as a member to make sure we have the network of people needed to take back our government in 2012 and beyond.

Keep the Terrorists at Guantanamo
We need to remind our government that we are still at war with an enemy that is committed to attacking America.  The Bush administration along with top military and intelligence leaders have made the tough decisions and set up a system to help fight the war on terror. One of the needed tools within that system is the Guantanamo bay detention camp.  We need your support.  Let's make sure the new administration understands that we don't want the terrorist detainee's moved to America and tried in our civilian criminal courts. 

No Fairness Doctrine
The Fairness Doctrine was originally introduced by The FCC in 1949 to require broadcasters to present controversial issues of public importance in an honest, equitable, and balanced manner.  The United States Supreme Court upheld the Commission's right to enforce where media channels were limited.  In 1987 the FCC abolished the fairness doctrine claiming that it hurt the public interest and violated free speech rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.  Congress then attempted to codify the Fairness Doctrine in 1987; however, Ronald Reagan vetoed the legislation.  There was another attempt to revive the doctrine in 1991, but George H. W. Bush threatened to veto.  In 2005 Democrat’s again introduced legislation to restore the Fairness doctrine. In 2009 Democratic legislators are again saying that it is time to reinstate the fairness doctrine. Reinstating the fairness doctrine would result in an end to conservative radio talk show broadcasts. We need your support.  Let's make sure that Congress does not pass a bill that reinstates a fairness doctrine that restricts free speech. 

Secure the Mexico Border Now
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The rising 
violence in Mexico’s border region is just one of the many reasons the United States needs to get serious about securing the border.  Securing the border is the only way to drastically reduce the Mexico gang violence that is spilling over into America, reduce illegal immigration, reduce drug trafficking, and reduce the likelyhood that a terrorist organization will enter our country via the Mexico border. By allowing an open border, we are less safe.  We need your support.  Let's make sure that our government secures the Mexico border. 

Conservative Leaders in 2012
The aim is to elect conservatives in every state, county, and precinct.  We are committed to winning elections at every level in every region of the country in 2012.  We are getting started right now with a massive effort to network and raise money to support conservatives at every level in 2012.  We need your support.  Sign up as a member to make sure we have the network and funds needed to take back our government.